Barnevernet Abuse: Index

Keep Your Lights Shining in Norway  –this is the Major Resource Page put up following the world-wide protest of April 2016; both English and Norwegian sources; contact info for Norwegian rulers and politicians.

Delight In Truth This blog, by a California physician, faithfully followed the Bodnariu family and other cases in Norway. Scroll through for much material.

Norwegian Lawyer on Norway’s bad Child Protection System

Norway Abuses Children

Set the Children Free (song video)

The Reign of the Høyre

Save Tyler

The Light Of Christ for Norway

Latest, Guardian: Noway ‘top child policy expert’–convicted as Pedophile 

New BBC Documentary:Norway’s Silent Scandal

1st BBC Documentary: Norway: Parents Against the State



Steven Bennett, Facebook Posts:

What Has Norway Become?

To Norway’s Leaders: Read and Learn

Barnevernet Steals Another Child

Deaf Mother vs. Norway

Norway: The Dark Side

Norway’s Horror Homes for Mothers

A Norwegian Mother’s Fears of Barnevernet

Uprising in Norway?

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