Norway, Arise

Steven Bennett

(facebook post)NorwayArise

When countries like Romania, Poland and India speak up for their citizens

…in Norway, it usually isn’t long before Norway does the right thing and returns innocent children back to their able and caring parents.

But, what about “pure Norwegian” cases?

A Norwegian citizen was sent a number of warnings from church members because of what she had been sharing, regarding Norway’s Child Welfare System (NCWS), Barnevernet, on facebook.

Some were convinced that this mother was in trouble herself with NCWS. Others told her to stop criticising NCWS, because they believed her family would be targeted and they didn’t want that to happen.

This mother replied to the detractors with some simple questions. Why don’t you join me? Do you think it’s really OK to go after families who criticise NCWS?

The detractors said they believed in the right to express oneself, but with NCWS, this wouldn’t be possible.

The mother again replied, “do you really believe we have the right to say what we think in Norway?”

This mother asked a second time, if they considered joining the uprising or were they willing to let NCWS scare them half to death, and into silence?

She also tried to show the detractors the danger they were in, but they were certain they would stay safe as long as they didn’t criticise NCWS.

It’s all very backwards.

The trouble in Norway could be partly attributed to the infamous Norwegian politeness – the best way to treat people with respect is to leave them alone. This behaviour is very evident when other people are in trouble, so the “politeness” becomes self defense and ignorance and acceptable to leave “those NCWS-families” on their own.

When NCWS make horrendous errors of judgement, many Norwegians still don’t see any reason to do anything. You don’t criticise NCWS unless they are after you personally. And those who don’t know anyone personally who has been targeted by NCWS, still think they are safe, like many other families thought before NCWS knocked on their door.

Norwegians often won’t believe it and act, unless they feel it and see it for themselves.

Time for an uprising?

#Norway #SolveigHorne #ErnaSolberg #StopBarnevernet

[And then there are the careless U.S.A. citizens.]

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