Evil Barnevernet Steals Another Child; Norway’s Politicians Silent as Ever

Steven Bennett

21 hrs ·



Norway’s CPS strikes again.

This time a six year old girl is kidnapped from her first day at school. The Norwegian lawyer Anja Støback Bjørsvik, who represents the biological mother says that the law has been broken multiple times with this abduction and it is beyond any doubt that this is not ‘in the best interest of the child’, on the contrary, this will only traumatise this innocent child.

Øivind Østberg, a Barrister in Oslo said this about Norway’s CPS:

“No other country has a child protection agency which so frequently removes the children from parents by means of coercion. Not even close. Of the 10.1 per 1000 children placed in foster care by the CPA , in 71% of the cases this occurs without the consent of the biological parents. In Germany the corresponding figures are 9 and 10%, in Sweden 8.2 and 26 %.”

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