Iraq War: Ten Years Later

Evangelicals and War

We ought to remember that Evangelical leaders, some speaking of opening up Iraq for the Gospel, spoke in support of this invasion.

The spirit of the times suffocated the Holy Spirit.

Charles Spurgeon: Christ’s church hath been also miserably befooled; for this I will assert, and prove too, that the progress of the arms of a Christian nation is not the progress of Christianity,

The Lord’s battles, what are they? Not the garment rolled in blood, not the noise, and smoke, and din of human slaughter. These may be the devil’s battles, if you please, but not the Lord’s. They may be days of God’s vengeance but in their strife the servant of Jesus may not mingle.

Ten Years Later

At least 190,000 people some estimates.

4,500 troops died.  30,000 Americans wounded

Cost of combat operations and rebuilding: Over $2 Trillion.

Future costs: $4 trillion: Cumulative interest on debt through 2054 plus Veterans’ care.

One of the oldest Christian populations in the world, decimated.

Spurgeon: “..the truth as to war must be more and more insisted on: the loss of time, labour, treasure, and life must be shown, and the satanic crimes to which it leads must be laid bare. It is the sum of all villainies, and ought to be stripped of its flaunting colours, and to have its bloody horrors revealed; its music should be hushed, that men may hear the moans and groans, the cries and shrieks of dying men and ravished women….”


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