Cap’n Kidd & His Gospel Coalition Mates

Thomas S. Kidd, prof. of history, Baylor, misrepresents Charles Spurgeon on war.

Tempus fugit. Once-upon-a-time, at least a year ago, maybe more than two, Cap’n Kidd hoisted his sails on a voyage to rescue Charles Spurgeon from the plank-walking-offense amongst the Reformed of “pacifism.”

Will The Gospel Coalition throw Charles Spurgeon under the bus...err, rather make him walk the plank? Not much seawater at Baylor.

The Gospel Coalition’s page on Facebook, which chronicled this voyage, drew many comments. In this irenic give and take, I endeavored to engage others, pointing them to the words on war of C. H. Spurgeon. When I pointed out that Baylor Professor Thomas S. Kidd had misrepresented Charles Spurgeon on war, apparently being unfamiliar with the quotes that I had linked (I think the eye-patch thingy hinders him), my conversations and all links to Spurgeon’s words were deep-sixed.

{HALLOWEEN Alert} [Eye-Patch Thingies in RED, White, and Blue from Reformed Wear***. But a black UNISEX Hoodie will have to do until they have the pirate hats and pistols in-stock ]

The eye patch thingy hinders Kidd.

Blimey! They banned this bloke from their facebook page. I cannot even ‘like’ any article. (And I do like most.)

[Update: @MorningNEvening  on Twitter has joined Cap’n Kidd’s Crew.  Blocked me for re-tweeting Spurgeon devotional with an ‘Amen’ and link to Spurgeon’s lost (censored) quotes.]

This side of our redemption, let us celebrate the Resurrection following our King. Charles Spurgeon guides us along the Narrow Way.

Semper Fi

C. H. Spurgeon's definitive statement on Christians and war, censored by American Reformed evangelicals.



WARNING: Clicking on the link and actually READING Spurgeon’s words is a mark of Total Depravity. I accept no liability for said persons being struck by lightning, excommunicated, disfellowshipped, or disemboweled with a rusty pirate’s sword.





The sequel, Cap’n Kidd Returns:

Start Wars & Sgt. York

***Reformed Wear: “We’ve Got You Covered, Head to Toe.”


7 thoughts on “Cap’n Kidd & His Gospel Coalition Mates

  1. While Spurgeon’s words and links were deleted, along with my honest attempt at dialogue, THESE were the kinds of rude comments that WERE ALLOWED by #TheGospelCoalition
    Gospel Coalition Facebook Comments on essay:
    “Why Aren’t Calvinists Pacifists?”

    Brad Donovan We ain’t pacifists because we read our Bibles. God’s men wage war.
    1 ·

    Chris Beasley Jesus and his apostles certainly didn’t.
    2 ·

    Timothy Prosser You two sit there. We’ll fight for you.

    Timothy Prosser Help the women clean the dishes or something.

    ason Clark Outside of persecution to spread the gospel i.e.) missionary work in a anti-christian country, pacifism is absurd

    Corbett Because, of all sects, we truly can say ‘kill em all, let God sort them out.’

    I just want to say, without reading the article, that banner is a hilariously inappropriate representation of Calvinism. We use guns, not sticks.

    For the “red letter” Christians, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.”

    Exodus 22:2 If a thief is caught in the act of breaking in, and he is beaten to death, no one is guilty of bloodshed.

    ark Christian Because so many are nothing short of cowards.

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    • “What is this about? Really? I don’t understand? Is it about Christ? Or not?”

      Yes it is about Christ. About following his teaching and example. The key point is in the quotes that were linked there.
      Charles Spurgeon was a faithful preacher in England in the 1800s. Many still use his devotional book “Morning and Evening” (as do I).

      The quotes are here:

      Some American Christians try to hide or dismiss these quotes. Not much different from some American Christians in the 1800s who did not like his words about the evil of slavery.

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