Church History | Repeating Its Mistakes

Faithful Stewardship

spurgeonquoteI had every intention of writing and sharing a Music-Related post for today. However, in researching an alleged quote from Church history, I found myself completely immersed in a rabbit hole of Church history and simply couldn’t resist sharing what I found. I’ll have to put the original post on hold for now. This will be a dive into Western Church history.

I confess that I didn’t grow up with a lot of Church History, so I’m rather new to much of it, and what I think I know comes from a decidedly Pentecostal point-of-view, so I’ve had to relearn even what I thought I knew. One story I’d never heard was that of Charles Spurgeon’s resignation from the Baptist Union, over what is now referred to as the Down Grade Controversy.

Rather than get into the intra-Baptist fight and drama regarding Spurgeon and the Baptist Union, I’d like to…

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