Stop Ignoring the Extermination of Middle East Christians!

Ancient Answers

A recent column by Ross Douthat, a usually conservative columnist for the New York Times, brought to the fore a topic that is generally ignored by American media and politicians: the evolving extermination of Christians in the Middle East. Ross Douthat’s column refers to the Middle East’s “friendless Christians.” And that’s exactly what they are. One would have expected the country that presents itself to the world as the great Christian super-power (“in God we trust,” remember?) would have been in the forefront of defending Christians in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, and other areas of the Middle East. But that has not been the case. Indeed, the eradication of Christians in Iraq happened after the 2003 invasion. Why?

Ross Douthat’s article does not explore all the reasons for the failure to defend Christians in that part of the world, but gives enough summary statements of fact to begin to give…

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