Another jaw-dropping, head-shaking comment by a so-called “Christian”

The Story of the Four

Social and political commentator Ann Coulter strikes again, saying expressing any sort of compassion for the Central American and

Mexican refugees are “moral show offs” and thus not true Christians (see story below). I explained this story to my family last night and my 15 year old son, who has never been to Church and has little exposure to Christianity, said, “Isn’t taking care of them exactly what Jesus was say to do?” I nodded my head.

Evidently my son, in that one comment,  knows more about Jesus and Christianity than does Ann Coulter.

Michele Bachman. Rick Perry. George W. Bush. Sarah Palin. The list, I am sure, goes on, but these are the names I most readily associate with politicians saying stupid things about religion–the faith the all share, Christianity, they clearly know little about. While I want to rant and call Ann Coulter a whole bunch of…

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