The Emperor’s Chair: “Take Down ‘Old Glory'”

The Jagged Word

By Graham Glover


It’s always there. You see it displayed prominently “up front” near the altar or stage. Most Americans take great pride in it and are eager to have it put up in their places of worship. To question its presence in these places is akin to denying the existence of the Almighty.

In almost every American Christian sanctuary (especially those within the Protestant communions), you can all but guarantee that the American flag will be found. And it is my contention that it should be taken down. Today. And never be put up again in the places where we worship the Lord.

I make this commendation as an American Soldier. I make it as one who would give my life in service to my country. I have deployed to Iraq, been stationed in Germany, and been on assignment in Turkey and Poland, and believe, without hesitation or reservation…

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