Ordaining women

Amen. The Church is not governed by the Zeitgeist but by Scripture and her teaching.

All Along the Watchtower

PaulStruans and I have been having too interesting a discussion to be confined to those who read the comments sections, and here I want to set out the reasons why the Catholic (and for that matter the Orthodox and many Protestant churches) still hold to the universal tradition of the Church that women cannot be priests.

The best place to catch the Catholic position (and I make no apology for not adding the word ‘Roman’ as I know no Anglo-Catholics who adhere to the contrary position) is in the CDF document from the 1976 DECLARATION INTER INSIGNIORES ON THE QUESTION OF ADMISSION OF WOMEN TO THE MINISTERIAL PRIESTHOOD.

The Church acknowledged, and acknowledges, that as societies change, the roles open to women have also changed and, whilst recognising the tremendous role women have played in the history of the Church from the Blessed Virgin onward, welcomes the expansion of opportunities for the…

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