[Here is a needed antidote to the individualistic spirit of our times in our churches. We even allow the Zeitgeist to shape texts, like the ‘born again’ verse in John 3 so that our focus emphasizes ourselves rather than God.  And we fail to distinguish between God’s personal concern for each with an individualistic view of salvation.]

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Chrysostom’s dream was that all human beings, and especially his flock of Christians, would grow in godliness and sanctification together. ‘There is nothing,’ he says, ‘for which God takes so great pains, as this: that we should be united and knit together one with another.’ He saw a profound unity knitting together all members of the human race by virtue of their identically shared human nature. How much greater, then, is the unity of the members of the Body of Christ, the Church! He loved St. Paul’s favorite image for this unity among believers – the human body, miraculously interwoven in all its diverse parts, with each part precious and indispensable, yet abiding in the harmonious order in which it is set in the body:

‘In the human body there is a spirit which holds all together, making the different members into one. So it is also here [in…

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