St. Constantine Versus The Beast


Thursday, 17 January, kicked off the celebration of the Edict of Milan

 Nis [pronounced neesh], Serbia, featured a world-renowned monastery choir from Moscow.  Modern day Nis is thought to be the birthplace of Constantine the Great, who, as Roman Emperor in the West, along with Licinius, Roman Emperor of the East, signed the edict in 313, ending the empire’s persecution of Christians, ‘…so that we might grant for the Christians and others full authority to observe that religion which each preferred…’ (full text).

Dignitaries included the Orthodox Patriarch of Serbia as well as its President and the Russian ambassador.  The year-long celebration of the 1700th Anniversary will include, next fall, a Catholic mass, possibly to be held on the runway of Constantine the Great Airport at Nis, as more than 100,000 Christians are expected to attend.

Meanwhile, in the European Union

 Last Sunday, approximately a half million Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others descended on Paris to protest the government’s plan to legalize same-sex marriages. [Estimates ranged from less than 400,00 (by the police) to double that or more.]  The socialist government of  French President Francois Hollande  was undeterred in its determination to shove this legislation down the throats of all French citizens.

It appears The Beast is in its ascendancy.  Reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984, ‘ the Socialist government has announced the formation of a surveillance agency, “the National Observatory of Secularism,” which will monitor religious groups (including the Church) in order to “dissolve” cases of “religious pathology.”’


Credit: French Revolution. Guillotine set up under the Arch of Marius at Orange, on the Rhone, during the Reign of Terror. Engraving. / Universal History Archive/UIG / The Bridgeman Art Library


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